Coton de Tulear

Home of the huggable, kissable, lovable Coton!


























We now offer boarding for Cotons (and other small dogs). Dogs left in our care live inour home, with the family.  Personalized care and lots of attention ensure your friend ishappy while you are away on business or vacation ... Please contact us for further information!



We are members of the Coton Club and are a Code of Ethics Breeder! 
We are also members of the Canine Federation of Canada (CFC), the CKC, the USACTC,
and the North American Coton Assocation (NACA). 



Cotonwind is home to ....

The Lopatin Award Winner
for #1 Coton USACTC

- and -

Top Puppy of the Year 2005

Multi Best in Show Winner!
MultiCh.Cotonnerie Rebelcreek Rosevelt (Teddy)

and 2005 Top Supreme Grand Champion!


Teddy finished his show career in 2005 ranked as #1 Coton with USACTC, #1 Coton, #2 All Breeds with Rarities, and #2 Coton, #5 All Breeds with ARBA.  He also earned The Lopatin Award for being the Top Coton 2005 in the USACTC.  And still yet!! he won the esteemed title of Top Supreme Grand Champion 2005.  Teddy has shown consistency from 2004 when he finished as #1 Coton/Top 5 All Breeds in ARBA, Top 10 All Breeds in Rarities, #3 Coton with USACTC and topped it off with Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Wins at the Cherry Blossom 2005 Show!  Congratulations to our boy.  We are very proud of him!  Teddy will now be working on an obedience title, agility, and pet therapy and will appear in the show ring on a limited basis.

- also home to -
Nikketts Starry Starry Night

2005 Top Puppy of the Year

- also breeders of and home to -


Best Puppy in Specialty Show and multi Best In Show Winner!

Cotonwind's Start Me Up (Jagger)

Jagger is just beginning his show career ... we are very proud of him for winning Best Puppy in Specialty Show at the Cherry Blossom show!

- and  home to-

Best in Show Winner!

Cotonnerie Icy at Cotonwind

Icy finished 2004 as #1 Female Coton with USACTC

Icy is shown here winning her first Best In Show
at 7 months of age under esteemed AKC judge Mr. Dean Wylie!









Cotonwind ... home of the huggable, kissable, lovable Coton !
A day without Coton kisses is simply not a day ...

The Coton de Tulear is undeniably one of the most loyal companion dogs.  Kind, good natured, and humorous, the Coton is a sidekick that is happy doing whatever his human friend is doing.  Ranging from active to resting quietly, the day to day activities of the Coton will fall into step with yours making him a true friend and companion.

Please peruse our website and learn about the Coton de Tulear.  Contact us if you have questions.  While the Coton de Tulear is not the breed for everyone, for those who choose to add a Coton to their family, the rewards are instant and lifelong.  A family with a new Coton will quickly come to wonder how they managed to survive without this happy little clown in their lives! 

As with any animal, please give serious thought to your decision to acquire a Coton.  Familiarize yourself with the needs of the breed, the care requirements, and compare these honestly to your family composition to determine if in fact this breed is right for you.  Cotons have care and grooming requirements that surpass those of other breeds and we ask that you make your decision responsibly.

Thank you.